Why NBC’s Dracula is Great

Note: This post contains NO spoilers for Dracula.

I’m not going to lie – I hated, HATED the pilot episode of Dracula. I was going through some kind of withdrawal from my last favorite show, Siberia, and desperately awaiting news of its second season (which we still do not have…) But that’s another story.

Last week, I tuned into the second to last episode. I loved it. I mean, it was FANTASTIC. And that opening sequence? That definitely deserves an Emmy for Best Title Design (or whatever it is.)

Just from last week’s Episode 9 and this week’s Season Finale, I can say I love the show and will be tuning in to a second season. But like most of my shows, it has about 2,5 million average viwers according to Nielsen ratings (both Siberia and Hannibal also had similar rating in their first seasons.) So it’s unknown if NBC will decide to renew it or not.

I would recommend watching Dracula. I plan on catching up to the 7 episodes I missed. It’s available at: Hulu.com/dracula; NBC.com/dracula; and probably numerous other sources.

Note: There is a petition for a Season 2; It has 5,331 signatures as of this post. They’re growing by about 100 by the hour. Click HERE to go to it.

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